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Render Academy is an online learning school that provides education in 3d computer graphics. Users can freely choose a course program that fits their education necessities.

All courses are created by well known professionals from different countries that demonstrate different approach, pipeline and workflow.

Render Academy is based on simplicity and portability. To unlock a course you just need to register with your Google Account on the sidebar next to the chosen course.

When you receive the confirmation email you can refresh the page and watch the lectures all the time you want. Just don’t forget to login in your browser.

It depends on the course; some courses are free and unlocked for everybody, some are still free but available only after registration (and for that you need a Google Account) and other are for payment (you unlock them with Google Account and PayPal)

All the accounts on Render Academy are based on your Google Account. You don’t need any special registration or password

Some courses both free and paid, are private and unlockable with your Google Account. You need to submit the registration in the sidebar of the chosen course, wait the confirmation email and login in your browser to watch the lectures.

After adding the course, or the courses, in your cart you need to process the order.

You can enter in your cart page and checkout the order. This will connect Render Academy with PayPal secure servers for transactions.

Please note that we do not store your payment information for security reasons: everything related to your bank account or money transfer is managed directly by PayPal.

Sure, why not? Payments are managed by PayPal so everything that is good for PayPal is good for Render Academy.

All the courses are associated with your Google Account. To see a course previously bought you simply need to login in your browser. Render Academy will detect your profile and unlock the lectures for you.

For a reference on the bought courses you can check your courses activation emails that you receive after each registration or you can write to support@renderacademy.com

If you are professional in 3D computer graphic, with relevant experience, publications and lecturing background, Render Academy welcomes you as potential part of the instructor team.

You can introduce yourself and suggest the subject through the Course Creator and we’ll get in touch and schedule an online meeting for an interview.

If your works have been published on 3D Architettura.com, you have priority on application process.

After you are accepted as instructor we’ll get in touch with you, providing all the information, logos and technical details necessary to develop a course for Render Academy.

Render Academy goes for unique, and exclusive content. If the course has already been published then the answer is “no”.

Real IES questions

Real IES is the professional solution in photometric file generation. With Real IES you can create your custom photometric file easily and if few seconds. Real IES generates Type C files compatible with a wide range of 3D rendering software.
Official page can be reached at this link.

Yes, we do.

If you are a representative of a professional institution of any grade, teaching architecture, design and digital media, you can benefit of a 50% discount for each copy.

Contact our sales department directly at support@renderacademy.com providing corresponding documentation before placing the PayPal order. School payment are accepted via wire transfer.

Yes, we do have unique affiliation links.
you can ask one contacting the support@renderacademy.com

No, license is uniquely generated for each user and can be activated only on one machine.

With your presonal license you have the right to install all future updates. Licensing system is automatic and requires to be managed just once during first install.

We believe that the user interface is so simple that everything can be managed in few seconds. However if you are experiencing technical problems you can contact us at support@renderacademy.com

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