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Render Academy is an online learning school that provides education in 3d computer graphics. Users can freely choose a course program that fits their education necessities.
All courses are created by well known professionals from different countries that demonstrate different approach, pipeline and workflow

Render Academy is based on simplicity and portability. To unlock a course you just need to register with your account and click on “Start Course” button. 


Yes, by creating an account you can subscribe to different courses, both free and paid. In your account you will find all the courses you are subscribed to, you also will be able to track your progress for each course and message the instructors if something remained unclear.

In the correspponding section of your account you can your personal avatar and update all the information that you consider important.

All the courses you are subscribed to can be found in the corresponding section of your account. You can access each of them directly by clicking “Start course” for the new courses and “Continue course” for the ones in progress.

If you are a professional in 3D computer graphics, with relevant experience, publications, and lecturing background, Render Academy welcomes you as a potential part of the instructor team.
You can introduce yourself and suggest the subject of the course by filling this form and our team will get in touch with you after evaluating your submission.

Once you are approved as a Render Academy instructor, you will be able to find the “Create a course” section inside your account.
By clicking it you can access the front-end course creating interface, where you can add all the necessary descriptions, images and videos, both for the pure front page and for each unit or quiz.  Plan the program of your course thoroughly and upload all the necessary materials. You can save your work in progress state and click the “Submit” button once you are done. 
After receiving your submission, Render Academy support team will put it online.


Other questions? Drops us a line!

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